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Ok, so you have brought in a new member. Now what?
In the long run, the growth of our clubs relies on several factors. To keep members involved, Rotary must be of value to the new member starting from day ONE.
Effective club meetings that make Rotary worthwhile for new and experienced members alike are essential.  Sessions should be interesting, varied and entertaining for the membership. Who wants to waste 2 hours on a boring program? People have limited time. They will join and remain in Rotary if they recognise the value to be worthy of their time invested.
Don't fill up the speakers' calendar for the sake of having a warm body at the front of the room. Please take the opportunity to invite rotary programs such as Rotarian's against Malaria and Donations in Kind and invite community guests with connections to those programs such as a local school Principal or local Pharmacist to hear about what we do. It will help your new member know about the bigger picture, ignite their interest and passion, support your club growth, and get more new members.
Don't forget, make sure you engage with your new member. Remember, they don't know most of you. Would you please make sure you greet them and show them the ropes? Avoid sitting at clique tables. Make sure if you meet for coffees at other times that they are included.
Similarly, if you have a club-based golf group, make sure that your new member is welcome to any social activities. If they are part of the club, they should be part of any fellowship opportunities. Often the opportunities to develop new friendships is an important reason why your new member has joined.
We spend a lot of energy trying to attract people to Rotary, but unfortunately, at times do not provide them with the reason to stay in Rotary. All the factors listed above (and many more) should be taken into account to gain and retain members. The value of membership to a Rotarian must be greater than the time invested and the membership cost.
People want to be a part of Rotary because they want to build new friendships, network, be involved in the community, volunteer their time in a meaningful way, and feel like they are making a difference. We must help our new members get excited about the ways of Rotary and provide them with the opportunities to achieve their needs and desires.
Membership Channel - Live
Tools, Tips and Trick from across the District. This is an opportunity for sharing ideas, solving problems together to help make your membership drive more successful. Whilst we are still limited on movement and have to reschedule our forums, I thought this would be an excellent way to start the membership discussion.
I will send out a reminder email a few days prior. We will record the session for those who cannot make it on the night
Wednesday 11th August 2021
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