For the past four years Rotary Clubs in Districts 9790, 9800 and 9810 have promoted Rotary at Melbourne’s annual Midsumma Carnival and marched in the Midsumma Pride March. With Rotary’s recently refreshed and increased commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, and in my capacity as President of the LGBT+ Rotary Fellowship, I extend an invitation and offer of support to continue our presence at these events.
Midsumma is Melbourne’s queer arts and cultural festival, bringing together a diverse mix of LGBT+ events, artists, performers, communities and audiences. Midsumma Festival, runs over 22 days in Melbourne's summer (January/February) each year with a range of queer events that include the Midsumma Carnival and Pride March. Rotary’s presence at Carnival gives Rotary a chance to market membership to LGBT+ people and allies by showcasing our events and providing membership information. Marching in Pride, and indeed attendance at the carnival, shows Melbourne that Rotary is a welcoming, diverse and inclusive place, shows our commitment to DEI and indicates to LGBT+ people and allies that Rotary membership is open to them.
Alexandra Gardens, 23 January 2022
We will need a roster of Rotarians to staff a stall at the carnival, addressing membership queries and providing information about Rotary.
There is a $641 fee for the stall which split across the 5 districts comes to $128.20 each.
Fitzroy Street St Kilda, 6 February 2022
We will welcome any Rotarians who wish to march the opportunity to register and march with us. The two most common reasons that Rotary participates in Pride Marches across the world are to empower their LGBT+ members to show Pride and feel safe within their clubs, and to demonstrate to the general public that Rotary is queer-friendly.