Source: Di Harrison  District 9820 MUNA Chair
After much deliberation, the Rotary District 9820 MUNA committee has decided to offer an alternative MUNA activity and sincerely hopes members of your club will understand holding a face-to-face Model United Nations Assembly is not possible this year due to complications and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
An image from a previous years MUNA activity 
Organizing MUNA is difficult and requires much planning and the committee has decided to reduce stress on Rotarians, clubs, schools, teachers, and counsellors by offering an opportunity for interested students to participate in a unique MUNA experience.
A delegation of two students, from either Year 10 or Year 11, will be tasked with producing a 5-minute video in response to a resolution pertaining to climate change and global warming.  The aim is for students to gain deeper understanding of complex humanitarian issues, develop their research skills and ability to prepare and present information specific to their chosen UN Member State (country) they represent.
The resolution will be published on the 2021 MUNA website which will be available once registrations are opened. Specific guidelines for the activity will be discussed during the online Zoom Preparation Workshop which will be recorded for delegates who are unable to attend.
The cost of the 2021 MUNA activity has been set at $50.00 per delegation and will be used to cover costs incurred to deliver an online event and cover prizes for winning delegations. Delegations will be able to select a country from a list of 40 UN Member States once the delegation is registered.
Please note, participation in the MUNA activity is not guaranteed until payment is received. The payment is the responsibility of the sponsoring Rotary Club.
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Best Delegation (awarded District 9820 MUNA Perpetual Shield); Best Delegation to Influence World Peace (awarded District 9820 Peace Shield); and a ‘People’s Choice’ Award. Other minor prizes will also be awarded.
A member of your Rotary Club will need to contact a supportive teacher at the local secondary school/s to encourage student participation in MUNA. It is recommended that individual delegations are registered online by the supervising teacher who will act as Counsellor for the delegation and assist them with preparing and uploading their video submission. Rotary Clubs providing sponsorship can offer support and encouragement to the delegation and invite them to a Rotary meeting.
Key Dates for D9820 MUNA 2021 Activity:
Friday 7 May: Registrations open.
Friday 21 May: Registrations close.
Friday 28 May: Closing date for Rotary Clubs pay MUNA invoice.
Saturday 29 May: Online Zoom Preparation Workshop 11.00am-12.00pm.
         Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August: Delegations upload their 5-minute video.
Saturday 14 August – Sunday 22 August: Videos will be available for public viewing and a voting system will be used for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award.
Monday 23 August – Friday 27 August: MUNA Committee deliberations will occur.
Sunday 29 August: Winners will be announced at a live event, yet to be organized. Arrangements will be made for the presentation of Shields to winning delegations at schools, together with Rotarians from the sponsoring Rotary Clubs.
Supporting MUNA provides an excellent opportunity for your Rotary Club to connect with your local secondary school/s (public and private) and involve students in a Rotary Youth program.
Please note, a letter will be sent to all secondary schools and Rotary Clubs in District 9820 with information regarding the 2021 MUNA activity.
If your club requires further information, please contact me.
Di Harrison
District 9820 MUNA Chair                                                                           
Mobile: 0428 893 507