Source: Mark Anderson Senior Coordinator | Fund Development Rotary Foundation
Dear Rotarians and Rotaractors,
We have a looming disaster on our hands in relation to Annual fund contributions. Annual funds contribute to the DDF that we need to fund our Global Grant programs.
The attached (Zone 8) data is YTD for this Rotary year compared with previous years. As you can see with 3 months to go, we are US$1.69m short of achieving last year’s number.
It is the Annual fund that provides the working capital for projects and with Club fundraising just getting back to somewhat normal, we have three months to achieve close to last year’s revenue.
We would ask that all fundraising efforts be conducted under the flag of RAISE FOR ROTARY.
Rotarians across Australia and New Zealand raise over $100m per year and a fraction of this comes to THE ROTARY FOUNDATION.
Now is the time to redouble our efforts and make THE ROTARY FOUNDATION not only our personal Charity of Choice but the Rotary Club Charity of Choice.
Clubs put huge effort into fundraising and then give it away without thinking about our brand equity. This year do it for ROTARY and in particular THE ROTARY FOUNDATION.
For all personal contributors, with the exchange rate at 1.26 (as of March 31) it is great time to consider your CENTURION and Paul Harris Society contributions.
Please get online and contribute.
Mark Anderson
Senior Coordinator | Fund Development
Rotary Foundation