Welcome to the Community and Vocational column. Each month an aspect of the Community and Vocational (CV) portfolio will be featured to help you as Rotarians use your skills and the wider Rotary network to help Rotary do its job.
Most of us know that Rotary began as a professional association enabling members to grow and share their talent and that it progressed from there to become a community service organisation. While we are probably more widely known for what we do, recognising that our vocational networks and skills are valuable is as important today as it was 100 years ago. Using our professional skills and attributes to make a difference is one way to “open doors to opportunity”. Being actively involved in meaningful community service is another. So, it comes down to how well you share what resources you have and selling how effectively you use those resources to the community.
Make no mistake, in this context, Rotary is a business. Every members’ time and effort is valuable. What you and the Club does needs to be assessed professionally, as though it were a commercial transaction. Ask yourself, will what I / we offer fill a need in others and give me / others something in return?  When the scale dips to favour one side of the partnership it is time to review the deal!
Champions under the CV portfolio that you will be hearing from and are available to help you with projects and speaker are:
PDG Don Ripper – Rotary Action Groups and Fellowships
Robin Stewart – Environment and Sustainability Action Group (ESRAG)
Peter Dell – Dream Cricket
Sally Dell – End Trachoma 2020
Mardi Shephard - Australian Rotary Health (ARH)
Jean Malmo – Probus
PDG Brian Norris - Mentoring
Contact details can be found on the District website (directory) or contact me.
Kerrie Schmidt
District Community and Vocational Chair