From Tim Moore
The Council on Legislation is Rotary’s governing body that amends its constitutional documents. Every three years the Council on Legislation meets to debate and vote on proposed enactments. Each district sends one representative to the Council on Legislation, and any club and district may propose enactments.
Clubs have the opportunity to consider proposing an enactment for the Council, to be held in 2022. The deadline to submit an Enactment to Rotary International must be received by Rotary before 31 December 2020. Proposed enactments seek to change Rotary’s constitutional documents (the RI Constitution, RI Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution). Changes in the past have included more flexible options for attendance and membership types for clubs worldwide. 
Proposed enactments for the 2022 Council on Legislation must be submitted to District 9820 Council on Legislation representative by 10th October 2020.  An enactment proposed by a club must be checked that it meets the guidelines and also be voted on by the clubs in its district at its district legislation meeting (our AGM in November) and endorsed by the district governor.
An email to this has been to all Club Secretaries regarding this matter.
PRG Tim Moore
Council on Legislation Representative 2020-23