Condensed from a letter to ROMAC Supporters from Chair Harold Sharp by DG Adrian Froggatt
As I am sure you understand, ROMAC is unable, at this stage, to accept any new patients needing surgery or medical procedures.
However, one thing we at ROMAC know, is that in the coming weeks and months ROMAC will be needed by sick children in the Islands of Oceania like never before. Currently though, there are two patients still in Australia.
Vincent from the Solomon Islands who arrived in July 2019 diagnosed with "complete oesophageal T3-T4 level with no fistula between the oesophagus and trachea / bronchus", as well as "immediate respiration pneumonia" requiring treatment.  Vincent turned 11 months old on the 3rd April 2020. 
After many operations and procedures under the direction of Professor Croaker at Canberra Hospital, Vincent is now taking milk from a bottle and oral foods, and his weight has now increased to 7.3kg.  He is now crawling and getting into mischief!  Vincent and his mother, Cosinta, are being cared for at the home of Sandra and Brian Goldstraw, with assistance from her ROMAC team. 
Vincent and Cosinta will be able to return home in July this year (subject to COVID-19 travel constraints).
Germaine is also from the Solomon Islands, Germaine arrived at the Westmead Children's Hospital in early March to be diagnosed with rheumatic aortic and mitral valve disease.  Her operation was successful, and she was discharged from hospital at the end of the month.  She is currently staying with her mother and friends in Wollongong, NSW.
Club and Donor Support Needed
Please consider supporting ROMAC so that we can continue our much-needed work with children from our neighbouring countries in Oceania just as soon as we can. With ROMAC, 100ยข in every $1 goes directly to giving life to a child.