Source: Wayne Jenkins Coordinator Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds (RORP).
Well there are now two RORP Harvesting Teams in D9820.
  • RORP Dandenong & EH
  • RORP Peninsula
following the successful Harvesting of Memorial Drive, Noble Park this morning....
Despite a few stubborn bolts on the floor panels, and the Contractor not having a machine....all went well. (Actually the Contractors Team was Missing in Action).
However the contractor will lift out the verticals this week, clear the concrete blobs, and deliver the components to RORP Peninsula later this about easy.
This morning, the vital liaison between Melinda (Mel) Bell and Gavin Roberts was accomplished, with Mel representing the Dandenong & EH RC and Gavin the Greater Dandenong Council.....I'm happy, now Mel and the RORP Team at Dandenong can move ahead with the approximately three Playgrounds each year from Gavin's Council.....👍
That's not to mention the great camaraderie that "Old friends that had never met" enjoyed.