Sourced: Colin Byron International Services Chair
(RORP) relocates playgrounds from Victoria, specifically D9820 to Third World countries. This cost neutral, low physical and environmentally friendly project benefits children in underdeveloped countries.

RORP has relocated more than thirty playgrounds into Sri Lanka, Timor, Tanzania and soon to Nepal and the Philippines. Playgrounds are sourced from councils, schools, kindergartens, churches and other groups.
RORP first commenced with the Kensington / Flemington Rotary Club in 2017. D9820 adopted the program in 2019 and has this is now a designated International Project.
A challenge for D9820 is to identify playgrounds suitable for recycling. Your club can assist by talking about RORP to your local council, community groups and others.
Does your Rotary Club have an International project? If not, consider the RORP program. Contact your Assistant District Governor to see how you and your club may assist.
Rotarian Wayne Jenkins from the Mount Martha Rotary Club holds the position of RORP Coordinator. He is passionate about the RORP project and supports the expansion of RORP across D9820 and further afield. 
Wayne is available to expand on the attributes of RORP and will “Zoom” the full width of D9820 to address any aspect of RORP. He will also send upon request, information held in the RORP Database.
Wayne can be contacted on the following:
Mobile: 0418848133 WhatsApp/Viber