Rotary Overseas Relocated Playgrounds (RORP) in D9820 has now shipped twenty five full playgrounds to various overseas locations under our D9820 framework and participated in a further twenty plus undertaken by other Districts.
The attached playgrounds were harvested in 2022 by the Berwick, Dandenong and Mount Martha RORP groups and are now being reinstalled in various impoverished areas of outer Cape Town, specifically Shiloh Klipheuwel and Masiphumelele.
There were thirteen playgrounds in the Cape Town shipping container which arrived just prior to our festive period.  
These were harvested from:
  • Cardinia Council
  • Dandenong Council
  • Casey Council
  • Bass Coast Council
  • Private donation.
If you have an overseas project that could benefit with the inclusion of either a single playground or a full container load of playgrounds.....please make contact with the D9820 RORP Coordinator at:
RORP has the capacity to significantly support the financial cost of transporting playgrounds across the globe.