Posted by Iloma Shaw Secretary RC Cranbourne
Cranbourne Rotary Club was approached by Chris Gobel of Gogel Industries who had 24 sheds available for donation. Some sheds had been assembled for an advertising photo shoot and others were still flat packed. The largest shed was 3m wide by 10 m long and 2.5 m high, others were smaller in size. Club members dismantled the sheds and arranged the transport of all sheds to Bemm River. Garry Mogford, a CFA volunteer firefighter, had been photographing the sheds and suggested the project to our club.  Garry has since passed away, so we consider this project a legacy to his lifetime of service.
The Bemm River Fire Brigade erected one shed over their generator and fuel storage and have made a workshop out of another. Other sheds went to the neighbouring Fire Brigades and were erected for use as workshops and storage.  COVID-19 restricted our ability to assist in erecting the sheds, but Fire Brigade captain, Russell Pardew said that they were in good hands and have made a huge difference to communities affected by the devastating bushfires of 2019-2020.
The Cranbourne Rotary Club welcomed the opportunity to make a difference in this way and the project was extremely well supported by all members. Many Brigades in Gippsland also lost sheds and equipment and this project made a lasting difference to their continuing operations. Our club thanks Garry Luxford for his work as Project Coordinator.