Well here we are in our last epistle for the Rotary and DG Year, what a marvellous experience it has been. We have travelled the length and breadth of the District and shared in celebrations, major fund raising events and heaps of general Rotary fellowship.  It has been a delight to see the many ways that Rotarians go about Lighting Up Rotary in their communities, both at a local level and the broader international community we all make up.
It is most appropriate that June is Fellowship Month because it is an opportunity to reflect on the fact that Rotarians are a diverse group of people, with as many interests, hobbies and personal pursuits as we are in number. 
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District Changeover
28th June, 2015
Success conference
5th – 6th September, 2015
At the same time, as we conclude another Rotary year, we are able to celebrate our achievements as Rotarians who have a common goal to make the world a better place.  So as a group of people drawn together to use our diverse range of skills, abilities and attitudes to make a difference in our community we can find fellow Rotarians that share our passion and share time to develop our personal interests. The size and international nature of Rotary makes this a unique organization and helps us to enjoy our Rotary even more.
I cannot let the opportunity pass without making sure every Rotarian in the District is thanked for their efforts in making this Rotary year a success. We have done many projects at the local community level and also participated in the International efforts of Rotary through our giving to End Polio Now and Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, International Aid and Disaster Relief. We have participated in Developmental projects, both by giving financially and by using our skills on work parties that have travelled overseas. Well done District 9820! I am sure the world is a better place for the efforts of so many in so many ways as we have attempted to Light Up Rotary.
As I conclude, may I wish Merv and Chris every success and enjoyment as they undertake their ‘time in the Chair!’ Merv has prepared well and I am sure, will have a wonderful year. Please remember that Sunday, June 28th is District Changeover at Pakenham and we look forward to seeing a good roll up.
From Janne and myself, thank you again and we look forward to maintaining friendships made as we have travelled the District during the year.