This month has seen a continuation of the Club visits and a fair bit of engagement with youth. Across the District we have a myriad of youth activities including scholarships, citizenship awards and youth development and encouragement programs. The Youth Exchange program has seen an increase in numbers of Clubs involved and therefore an increase in the number of young people going out and also coming into our clubs to enrich their cultural experience, international awareness and citizenship.
Janne and I have been to 3 Deb Balls ranging from the traditional, to a small Deb set in Rural Gippsland where a group of young people were given an opportunity that would not have been available if it were not for the RC of Lakes Entrance, and finally we were privileged to be present and receive a group of young and older people with disabilities at a Presentation Ball with a difference, arranged and wonderfully presented by Casey Rotary. The look of the faces of all Debs showed that there are many ways to light up someone’s day, make their life more rewarding and in the process Light Up Rotary. 
During the Month it was good to see some of our Clubs working with the Peninsula Rotaract club to get some things done and also to see the Rotaractors helping at the Youth Exchange camp at Forrest Edge.  The provisional Rotaract Club of Casey is continuing to meet and grow in numbers and is providing a focus in the Cardinia area for young people wishing to make a difference to their community. Other areas are also seeking to assist the development of Rotaract in our District and preparing the next generation of Rotarians for action.  Remember our job is to hand Rotary onto the next generation to continue the good work we do now, and the good work that was done by Rotarians in the past.  I am sure there will be work to do in the next 100 plus years. The world needs Rotary.
Thankyou Rotarians and a big Thankyou to the Dunscombe Family and the Jared Dunscombe Trust for funding Aze to come to Melbourne from Timor Leste with ROMAC for necessary heart surgery. What a blessing to see this little boy and his father arrive at Melbourne Airport and prepare for life changing surgery. It certainly put a glow in my heart to be part of such a wonderful organisation and mix with people who go out of their way to make these things possible.