Announcing the 2022
For many years, the Polio Movie Event has been a very popular way for clubs to raise funds for Rotary’s number one priority, Ending Polio.  It’s also an opportunity for Rotary members and people in our communities to have some fun together.
This year’s movie is The Lost King, the story of the rediscovery, by an amateur historian, of the five centuries old remains of Richard III… in a Leicester carpark.  Critics describe it as “an incredible and inspiring true story about perseverance and not taking no for an answer”.
The movie will be released to the Australia and New Zealand public on Boxing Day, but the great news is that a pre-release of the movie is available for Rotary clubs during the week of Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th December.
To arrange an event, talk to the group booking person at your cinema and make sure they plan to offer this movie to the public once it’s released.  The cinema can then make all the arrangements to source the movie from the distributor, Transmission Films — clubs don’t need to get involved in that.  The amount paid to the cinema is usually about $10 per seat (that’s up to the cinema) and a typical ticket price might be $20 — and that’s up to you.  Please see the Movie Conditions below.
To assist you in promoting the event, we’ve created a PowerPoint template that your club can use to create your own marketing materials:
Simply insert your club name and event details.  You may then want to:
  1. save it as a PDF and arrange for your local printer to produce posters and handouts
  2. save it as a graphics file and post it to your social media, website, newsletter, etc.
Let’s make this year’s Polio Movie Event a blockbuster — and End Polio Now!
Movie Conditions:
  1. All Rotary screenings must take place between 1st and 7th December.
  2. You’ll need to book your screening directly with your cinema.
  3. Your cinema must seek approval from the movie distributor, Transmission Films, and tickets are not to be sold prior to approval.
  4. Tickets can only be sold between Tuesday 1st November and Monday 21st November — this is to ensure that the distributor has sufficient time to ship the film to your cinema.
  5. If a session sells out, another can be added.
  6. Only cinemas that have accounts with Transmission Films can participate.
  7. The movie is distributed in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format and this format can only be played at cinemas.
  8. In order to participate, your cinema must have booked the film for a season of public screenings.