From Your District Membership Team

It’s Time for a Club Health Check


Your District membership team is gearing up for a big year of membership growth but we need to take a look at what’s happening in your club. A club health check will make sure your club is fit for purpose and ready to attract new Rotarians and keep a positive experience happening for your valued members

Your Club Experience

Members who have a positive Rotary experience are more likely to stay. In turn, they create a positive Rotary experience for others, because their enthusiasm is contagious. If your club’s members genuinely enjoy being a part of the club, you’re on the right path. Your experience includes not just your club meetings and other activities, but also the connections you’ve made and your pride in Rotary’s  world of service.

Service and Socials

Participating in service and having fun with fellow members are the primary reasons Rotarians join and stay in Rotary. The healthiest clubs vary their activities and offer multiple ways to get involved. Try a new kind of social event or a different service experience and watch the impact it has on your club.


A healthy club is one that is growing and changing. Having members with diverse perspectives and backgrounds will fuel innovation and give your club a broader understanding of your community’s needs. Pay attention to how your members are feeling about the club. Research shows that one of the most common reasons members leave is that club leaders are not open to new ideas. Involving members and giving them a voice in their club’s future will strengthen both the club and members’ commitment to Rotary.


Clubs that have fun and make an impact are attractive to those who see that. A positive public image improves your club’s relationship with your community and prospective members. Make sure your club is getting the credit for the service you provide. Demonstrating that your club meets real needs confirms your value to your community.

Business and Operations

When your club runs smoothly, you likely have good leaders who are looking toward the club’s future. The leaders shape the club as a whole, and it’s crucial to have skilled people in those leadership positions. For this reason, leadership development is also a way to fortify your club.
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